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4 August 2020 Isabelle Cornish
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The big M-word. The one that creeps up on you in the early morning hours before a planned workout. Motivation.

For some staying motivated to exercise comes with ease. For others, it can feel like being stuck in motivation mud. However, it may not be due to a lack of motivation that keeps you from getting up and moving, it could be a lack of knowledge. So don’t worry, there is a method to cultivating more consistency in your efforts to sweat, and we are here to help you.

Know the reasons why

Yes, the ‘why’ you’re doing what you’re doing. To stay motivated to exercise and move, it’s crucial to take time to gain clarity on your why. Why do you train? Does it make you feel more energetic? Does it improve your mental focus and wellbeing? Maybe you sweat because you love your body! Focusing on your why can help when you feel yourself wading into motivation mud territory by reminding yourself why you MOVE, SWEAT and WORKOUT. Take some time to ponder your why. Once you know your reasons, write them down and remind yourself of them in times of need.

Set SMART goals

When setting goals make sure to keep them SMART. That is…

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Rewarding
  • Time-limited

Once you have set achievable goals, you must make sure to implement small daily or weekly habits that lead to the end goal. For example; if your goal is to run a half marathon, your weekly ‘habits’ may be to run three days a week and complete one stretch session. Define where you want to go, set a weekly structure and kick ass.

Raise necessity

It’s a great idea to raise the necessity to stay on track. Here are some simple ways to elevate the need to sweat.

  • Recruit a friend and schedule in some workouts
  • Sign up and pre-book gym classes
  • Join a sporting group
  • Sign up to a virtual race or charity run

Examine your limitations

There could be some limitations holding you back from kicking your fitness goals. Check-in and make sure you don’t have some cheeky limitations cramping your style. They come in many disguises such as;

  • Lack of self-love. Do you feel worthy of improving and moving? Cultivating self-love and self-worth can help you to move from a place of love.
  • Not doing something you enjoy. If you find something you enjoy doing, it will be easier to stay on track. Try different workouts and activities until you find one that is right for you.
  • Making it too complicated. Think about becoming a friend to yourself. How can you help yourself succeed? Can you lay out your workout gear the night before? Do you have a spare set of training gear you can leave in your car or work bag?

Remember, you are the only you. Experiment with your exercise routine until you find ways of moving you enjoy. It doesn’t matter what someone else’s training looks like – you are unique and individual. So, remember to have clarity on your why, set achievable goals, become a friend to yourself and examine your limitations. You’ve got this! Visualise yourself succeeding and you’re halfway there.

Isabelle Cornish

Isabelle Cornish is an Australian actress, blogger and FIAFitnation student. Raised in the Hunter Valley, she is a self proclaimed earth child and loves all things health and wellness. She is a qualified yoga teacher, eating psychology coach and currently completing study in Personal Training with FIAFitnation.

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