FIAFitnation is committed to creating a flexible and caring learning environment for all students to participate fairly and equally in their study.

Access and Equity

FIAFitnation’s Access and Equity Program is designed to assist students with a disability or health condition, those identifying as ESL learners or with other needs enabling fair and equal participation in study.

All enrolled FIAFitnation students who identify with having special needs are eligible for the program. Specifically, students with a disability or medical condition will need to provide the relevant documentation from a specialist health practitioner that supports their application. Students who identify as having a language barrier or any other need for special adjustment are also welcomed.

The Access and Equity Program is a free service provided as a part by the Department of Student Services. The assigned Access and Equity Officer will conduct an interview with an applicant to establish their support needs.

FIAFitnation can assist students in many ways, and can tailor a Plan that enables students to equally participate in academic and College life. This can include, but is not limited to, academic support, structured learning plans, adjustments to facilities and adjusted teaching and assessment practices. It does not, however, compromise academic standards.

Special Circumstances

The College offers no barriers to withdrawal, deferral and course extension, and provides a variety of options including cases of special circumstances whereby a VET student for reasons beyond their control is seeking to:

  • withdraw without penalty due to an inability to continue with their studies;
  • or other circumstances where a student may be unfairly disadvantaged by normal application of the College’s policies;
  • or enrolment into the Access and Equity Program (AEP) to facilitate reasonable adjustment.

Special circumstances can include:

  • Medical conditions
  • Family/personal problems
  • Employment related reasons
  • Course related reasons