Gain credibility with your clients and demonstrate that you are a qualified exercise and fitness professional via registration with Fitness Australia and Physical Activity Australia.

Professional registration has been a requirement in Australia since 1980.

After you complete or upgrade your qualification, you will need to register with Fitness Australia or Physical Activity Australia.

These registering bodies verify and hold a record of your qualification and keep you up-to-date with the latest industry trends and new research.

Each registering body has slightly different requirements for maintaining your registration (as well as varying registration options), but this usually involves some continuing education for which you gain a certain number of credits or points. This ongoing education indicates that you are keeping your fitness knowledge current.

If you want your qualifications to take you around the world, remember different countries have differing requirements when it comes to working in the fitness industry. We encourage you to speak with potential overseas employers or contact Fitness Australia to understand what you will need to work in other countries.