Fitness career opportunities are flexible and varied. Run your own business or work with a range of employers to turn the lifestyle you love into the career you want. The choice is yours.

At FIAFitnation, you’re never on your own. Our professional career consultants will work with you to determine the best study pathway to achieve your dream career.

Fitness career opportunities

  • Exercise Instructor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Business Owner

Exercise instructor

If you love getting paid to work out and motivate others, then you could be a successful exercise instructor. Conduct screenings of new clients and assess their fitness. Help them learn how to use equipment, or take small groups through basic fitness programs.

Add a Group Exercise or Aqua Instructor course to your qualifications and you can also run classes in a gym or pool.

Personal trainer

Personal trainers conduct fitness assessments and develop personalised training programs for clients. You must teach correct exercise techniques, demonstrate with confidence and use an array of exercise equipment to achieve results. You will know how to motivate and support your client throughout their training.

You may work as an outdoor trainer, corporate trainer, celebrity trainer or health club trainer. With additional study you can expand your career opportunities to include sports coaching, mature-aged training or to keep kids fit.

Rehabilitation specialist

Specialise in a fitness niche such as competitive sport, or work with elite athletes or clients who need rehabilitation.

You will conduct fitness assessments and implement specific training programs for your clients. Plan and deliver exercise and sports conditioning programs in a clinical setting and work with allied health professionals to fast track your client’s recovery.

Business Owner

Learn the skills required to be your own boss.

Desire, discipline and drive are the fundamentals to business success. So if you are thinking about using your fitness qualifications to start your own business, FIAFitnation teaches the skills you need.

You can use the fitness and business knowledge gained with us to open your own gym, establish your own personal training, fitness instruction or coaching business. Many of our graduates have done just that.

Please note – FIAFitnation cannot guarantee that you will secure employment once you have completed your studies.