Answers to some frequently asked questions we receive at FIAFitnation.

Online Learning FAQs

What is an LMS and which one does FIAFitnation use?
LMS stands for Learning Management System, and this is basically the online web page that holds all our learning resources for our students. FIAFitnation uses the latest Moodle LMS, and we have had a team of technologists design our interface to make online study as easy as possible for you.
How often do I need to login as I progress through the course?
Continual support and contact with your online trainer is an essential part of studying online. Our online trainers run frequent live webinars to keep in contact with our students, generally on a weekly basis. It is suggested that our students log into our online system to view our webinars, and follow their study plans on a weekly basis.
Can I connect with other students studying the same course online?
Learning as part of a group really enhances a students understanding, and retention of knowledge. Our course structure maximises this experience through the live webinars and the student discussion forums online. So you never feel alone through your course.
Is there someone available to help me if I’m struggling with part of the course or an assessment item?
The online trainers' role is to assist students with queries regarding learning materials, assessment tasks, or the course structure, as well as keep students on track with their study plan. Students will be contacted by the online trainer regularly, and have the option to contact their online trainer via email, or phone at any stage of the course.
How are the course materials and lectures delivered?
The learning material for our fitness courses are delivered across a variety of mediums, including reading material, video presentations of our academic lectures, live webinars, as well as review questionnaires to make sure our students are on track.
What are the assessments like, and how do I take them online?
All assessments are now completed online, whenever it suits the student within the course timeframe. Assessments range from written answers, multiple choice, true or false, and case study scenarios. Students will be given feedback on their assessments to again ensure their skill level is high before entering the fitness industry.
Is any element of the course delivered face to face or in person?
Due to course competencies, the Certificate III & Certificate IV in Fitness courses do have a practical assessment weekend on campus to put the theory into practice.
What mobile and tablet devices and systems can I access the course on?
As technology is advancing, so are we. Are online learning management system is completely compatible with portal devices such as mobiles, tablets, iPhones, and iPads.
Will I require any other resources (eg fitness equipment) to fully participate in the course other than technology required to access the course?
Students will be required to access some fitness equipment during the practical stages of this course. Students will liaise with a local health club facility to use their equipment for the video filming (for practical course elements), or purchase this equipment as it will be essential when they start personal training.
Are there study groups or tutorials with fellow students?
It is important our students build a network with one another, and gain the classroom experience online. Throughout our online webinar series, students will be encouraged to interact, and get involved within certain topics in the student forums. This may include course material, or even external factors effecting the fitness industry.

General FAQs

How do I get started?
If you are ready to get started on your fitness career, give us a call on 1300 136 632 or submit a course enquiry. Our Career Consultants are ready to work with you to decide the best study pathway for you. They will give you all the details about how to enrol.
Do I get a certificate at the end of my course?
Students will receive a Certificate or Statement of Attainment on completion of their chosen program, to FIAFitnation's required standards.
How much does it cost?
This depends on what you choose to study and how! We have a variety of courses and a range of flexible study options – online, on-campus, part or full-time.
Do you have payment plans?
Yes. You can either pay for your course in full up-front (and there are advantages in doing so!) or opt for one of our flexible and affordable payment plans.
How long do I have to finish my online course?
You may be someone who watches an online presentation once and gets it, while others may need to refer to further notes and videos to fully understand the topic. This means you may finish faster or slower than the allocated course time.
Do you offer nutritional qualifications?
You can add a short course in nutrition to your qualifications. If you’re looking for more options, our sister college, Endeavour College of Natural Health, offers a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine).
Do I need to buy textbooks?
All materials needed to complete our courses are available online. You can also access extra reference materials in our libraries on campus, which can potentially save you hundreds.
What do I do if I want to work overseas?
After completing your course, we recommend that you register with Fitness Australia or Physical Activity Australia. As different countries have differing requirements when it comes to working in the fitness industry, we encourage you to speak with potential overseas employers or contact Fitness Australia to understand what you will need to work in other countries.
What is FIAFitnation’s online learning experience like?
Our online learning platform uses the latest technology to create a rich and engaging learning experience. There you will find extensive resources, dedicated online trainers and opportunities to interact with your virtual classmates.
How much support do I get if I study online?
You will have support 24/7. Online you can access our ‘Tutor Frequently Asked Questions’ area. If you have a question about course content, your exams or the learning platform you can email your online tutors during business hours, from Monday to Friday. On campus you can request an appointment to meet your tutor face-to–face, or speak with our Support Services Team via phone or in person.
Is FIAFitnation an accredited education provider?
Yes. FIAFitnation is an accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO) recognised by the Australian Skills Quality Authority.
How do I know I’m getting value for money?
You will benefit from exceptional teachers, our extensive industry experience and employer networks. An expert educational team with decades of experience develop our courses. The course content and learning outcomes meet or exceed the required competency standards for Vocational Education and Training providers. Our graduates are recognised across the fitness industry as Australia’s leading fitness professionals.
Can I get credit for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is available at FIAFitnation. When you enrol to study with FIAFitnation, please provide evidence of your previous qualifications, study and/or professional experience so that we can assess whether you have credit towards your fitness course. See our Educational Pathways page for more information.

This page was last updated on: Thursday 12 July 2018