Noah Gao on fulfilling his dream of food, fitness with creativity

11 November 2020 FIAFitnation
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Business owner and FIAFitnation student Noah Gao learnt early on to create opportunities for himself. Leaving China at 16, Noah studied food science in the United Kingdom before deciding to pursue his career and lifestyle dreams in Australia.

“In the beginning, I studied food science for my mother,” Noah said. “She had bowel issues, and to help her get healthy, I looked into the best meals for her. Food became my passion, and I decided to study food science properly in the United Kingdom. When I returned home, I realised my future was overseas. After a family holiday to Australia, I applied to do my Masters in Sydney.”

When he graduated, Noah worked as a food technician for about five years in the food development and technology sector, but he got bored. Ready for a career change, Noah commenced searching for a creative career in food and fitness which started with him helping his friends to train. A self-taught photographer, Noah also co-founded the Onyx Digital Studio, which creates social media content for fitness, health and beauty brands.

Just before the COVID-19 lockdown, Noah started his Certificate III in Fitness at FIA. “I’d been training myself for about ten years, but I’ve never studied fitness before,” Noah said. “A few years ago, people started to ask me questions about how to get in shape. I realised I needed to learn more to teach others.”

“I looked at a few different schools. The others were too expensive or too pushy. FIA invited me to come and speak with them, and I got a good vibe,” Noah said. “At the beginning, some of the online theory was challenging, especially learning anatomy in my second language. But the FIA course structure is clear, and if I had a question, the FIA team responded quickly.

“When it came to the assessments, we had a great day on campus,” he said. “The COVID-19 restrictions meant there were only four students there. We trained each other, with the FIA Assessors observing from a distance. Because we’d all been studying online, we didn’t know each other, but we clicked straight away. By the end of the day, we were taking selfies together for Instagram.”

With a large Instagram following, Noah quickly built up a loyal personal training client base. “It’s satisfying to help people achieve their goals and improve their health through training,” he said. “My FIA study also supports the digital studio as well. At Onyx, we’re collaborating with brands like Plus Fitness, and because of my studies, I know whether the person is doing the right exercise in the gym and what looks good.”

Noah plans to continue his Certificate IV in Fitness at FIAFitnation and expand his PT business online with customised program design and training sessions via Zoom. He’s already looking forward to a new year of resolutions.



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