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Weight Loss Diets


From keto to low fat, from the celery juice diet to paleo, all the popular weight loss diets and plans are explained and critiqued in this short course. The diet cycle is explored alongside common debates around low fat vs low carb for weight loss.

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Learning outcomes:

  1. Explain and critique common weight loss diets and approaches
  2. Identify the impact of low fat/ low carbohydrate/high protein diets on weight loss
  3. Analyse commercial weight loss products and services

This module includes the following topics:

  • Restrictive diets and the diet cycle
  • Commercial weight loss programs
  • Meal delivery services
  • Counselling and online programs
  • Low fat vs low carbohydrate diets for weight loss
  • A comparison of the following diets to the Australian Dietary Guidelines:
    • Very low energy diet (VLED)
    • Low carbohydrate diets
    • Keto diet
    • Paleo Diet
    • Atkins Diet
    • Dukan Diet
    • The Raw Food Diet
    • Intermittent fasting
    • High protein, moderate carbohydrate diets
    • Zone diet
    • The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet
    • Blood Type Diet
    • Detox diets
    • Liver Cleansing Diet
    • Lemon Detox
    • Celery juice diet
    • Grapefruit diet
    • DASH Diet
    • Mediterranean diet

This course provides credit for 1 module within the unit Nutrition for Weight Loss NWL103 in the Nutrition Coach course.

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Short course

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Multiple Choice, Short answer questionnaire

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