The Psychology of Overeating

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The Psychology of Overeating


Why do we overeat? And what can we do about it? This short course outlines behaviours associated with overeating, causational factors leading to overeating, and dieting and mental health. Psychological reasons behind food choices and eating patterns are explored. 1 CEC

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Learning outcomes:

  1. Identify behaviours associated with overeating
  2. Explain factors contributing to overeating
  3. Explain the role of ultra-processed and hyperpalatable foods in overeating
  4. Assess the role of food marketing and consumer culture on overeating
  5. Explain the influence of dieting on mental health
  6. Identify the impact of body image and body dissatisfaction on eating behaviour

This course includes the following topics:

  • Behaviours and factors associated with overeating
  • Social influences
  • Ultra-processed foods and overeating
  • Food marketing and consumer culture
  • Dieting and mental health
  • Body image and eating behaviour
  • Body dysmorphia

This course provides credit for 1 module within the unit Psychology of Nutrition (PON202) in the Nutrition Coach course.

Additional information

Course type

Short course

Delivery method


Nominal hours


Assessment method

Multiple Choice, Short answer questionnaire



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