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Food and the Environment


This short course explores future directions in nutrition in the area of food choice and environmental impacts. The production and consumption of food is very closely linked to the environment at every stage. This course explores how a more sustainable diet is consistent with healthy eating patterns and is the cornerstone of good health.

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The learning outcomes for this course are:

  • Apply knowledge on the evolution of the human diet
  • Determine the environmental impact of food choices
  • Evaluate the benefits of organic and biodynamic food
  • Explain the impact of food miles and local and seasonal food
  • Analyse new protein sources such as insects, laboratory meat, and kangaroo.
  • Apply an understanding of ethical eating and animal welfare, such as free-range eggs and organic meat
  • Identify sources of food waste and strategies to mitigate

Additional information

Course type

Short course

Assessment method

Case Studies, Short answer questionnaire

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