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Evidence Based Nutrition


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Previously, eggs were thought to contribute to high cholesterol and heart disease, now we know that they are maybe not as bad as first thought. Nuts are fattening – or are they really? Coconut oil was in, now it’s out. Butter’s out, then it’s back in. Trans fats are definitely out. Low fat was healthy, but now is high fat better? Paleo’s out, keto’s in, too much fruit’s out and intermittent fasting is in.

It all seems very confusing… so what are exactly are we meant to be eating?

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This short course will help you to make informed decisions of your own based on the available evidence and pass this information on to your clients.

Learning outcomes:
1. Analyse the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the Eat for Health program
2. Identify and critique different sources of nutrition information and research
3. Examine the evidence to support dietary trends and choices
4. Analyse the impact of media on the delivery of health information
5. Evaluate bias and influences on research
6. Critique websites publishing nutrition information
7. Understand the influence of industry and companies on research outcomes


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Short course

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Case Studies, Short answer questionnaire

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