Bridging the gap between fitness and allied health professionals

05 February 2021 Ewan Birnie
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For fitness professionals looking to stand out, FIAFitnation has a new course – the HLT43015 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Physiotherapy). We explore four reasons why this is an exciting new offering for fitness professionals.

A stronger connection

“For some time, the fitness industry has wanted to build a stronger relationship with allied health. We’re seeing more physiotherapists and other allied health professionals based at gyms. We’ve seen how people are seeking a more holistic approach to their health and fitness. But there is a knowledge gap preventing physios and PTs from connecting well in the workplace,” Ewan said. “With this course, we’re working to bridge the gap.”

In 2020, FIAFitnation launched the Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Physiotherapy) to help fitness professionals improve their knowledge of the allied health industry. As a 10-month full-time or 20-month part-time course, it’s an accessible way for personal trainers or anyone in the fitness industry to gain the skills to interact and engage with physiotherapists and achieve better outcomes for their clients.

A stand-out combination

Ewan explains that for PTs, this course gives them a point of difference that will help them stand out in the industry. “Physiotherapy plus PT is a new combination. We’ve already seen other successful crossovers, such as physio and acupuncture and training and nutrition. Physio and aligned training is a powerful combination for people seeking health performance, recovery and rehabilitation,” Ewan said. “People are also looking for ways to access all the services they need in one space. Physio and PT complement each other well, and we know that referrals can happen in both directions.

A new direction

“This new certificate is not just for fitness professionals – it’s for anyone interested in working in the health and wellness space. For example, a receptionist at physio practice or a gym might take this step in their career. It is also an option for students who have thought about becoming a physio or a PT but are not ready to commit to longer studies. It gives you a taste of both careers.”

An exciting move

In a new approach, FIAFitnation has moved most of this fitness course content online. The online content is interactive and responsive to the student, offering a wide variety of learning resources.

After studying online, students complete 120 hours of workplace training, for example, in a gym where a physiotherapist operates. This hands-on experience, under the guidance of a physiotherapist, gives you invaluable on-the-job skills. Your next move is up to you. It could include working as a physiotherapist assistant or simply offering your clients a deeper understanding of their needs.

Interested? Find out how to apply here.

Ewan Birnie

Ewan Birnie

National Academic Manager

Ewan is an experienced fitness educator having taught in the field for 12 years in the UK and Australia, as well as working within the industry for over 16 years.  He is passionate about creating and delivering high quality and current learning experiences to fitness students.  His fitness interests lie in working with young athletes, with a history of employment in sports coaching and strength and conditioning in a variety of sports.  He is also a big believer in creating simple and sustainable exercise solutions for the general population that can have a meaningful impact on health and wellbeing.

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