How studying a nutrition course can support your personal training business

11 September 2020 FIAFitnation
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As a Personal Trainer, you’ll often be the first port of call for nutrition questions, so it’s handy to know the answers. Clients trust you and expect you to have a good understanding about nutrition.

Rather than winging it, studying a nutrition course and getting a qualification under your belt will mean you can confidently help clients change eating patterns and behaviours, backed with evidence-based advice. Nutrition is crucial, whether your client wants to lose weight, bulk up or simply have more energy.

Our Nutrition Coaches stand out because they’ve got the edge. Clients prefer to see a fitness professional who can cover off both fitness and nutrition components. We often hear that students love using their new knowledge to improve their own nutrition and help friends and family move towards a healthier future.

Here are the top five reasons students and graduates tell us why they chose to study nutrition course with us:

Study a nutrition course to improve your own nutrition knowledge

Most people in the fitness industry have a keen interest in nutrition and you may have experimented with different diets, eating regimes and foods yourself. Studying the Nutrition Coach course provides you with the opportunity to deepen your nutrition knowledge and get access to the latest, scientifically validated information.

The topics our graduates most enjoy in the course include:

Get client results

Clients will be keener to spend $ on a Personal Trainer if they know they’ll get results. And getting results means talking nutrition. It’s clear that training at the gym twice a week is not going to work off a bad diet.

With our Nutrition Coach course, you’ll get the practical tools you need to help your clients smash their goals;
analysing food diaries, writing meal plans, understanding different diets, supporting clients reach their goal weight, latest coaching techniques and the psychology of food choice.

You want your clients to get results? Nutrition is the secret ingredient. Happy clients become walking advertisements for you, which in turn means less time spent on marketing for you and more doing what you love.

Attract more clients

Whether you work for a large gym, studio, run outdoor training or own a business, adding nutrition services will help support your existing clients and attract new ones. With over 31 000 fitness professionals in Australia, it is a competitive market, particularly in the capital cities.

This means marketing is more important than ever and having a point of difference can be critical when attracting clients. A nutrition qualification will help you stand out from the crowd and give you the edge you need.

Not only will you be able to train your clients, this course will help future-proof your career. You can offer one on one nutrition coaching, meal plans, group nutrition workshops, pantry clean-ups, supermarket tours and change clients’ eating behaviour for the better. You’ll be able to use the title Certified Fitness Nutrition CoachTM when marketing your services to clients.

With so many people looking to their Personal Trainers as partners when it comes to meeting their health and fitness goals, becoming qualified to provide dietary advice is a natural extension for trainers that makes good business sense.

Learn from the best

Our education team has extensive fitness and nutrition industry experience with access to emerging nutrition research. We only take the best – our trainers have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the industry and constantly update their own knowledge to bring the latest nutrition information to you. The team includes qualified nutritionists, exercise scientists and physiologists, professional chefs and coaching experts. Our students and graduates highlight how helpful education and support teams are. Quick response times, detailed answers and comprehensive feedback is what we’re known for.

Get your professional development points

Upskilling yourself is an important part of being a fitness professional. Units within the Nutrition Coach course have been allocated a total of 24 continuing education credits (CECs) by Fitness Australia. So that’s your professional development sorted in one go. We also have 12 online short courses in nutrition which means that you can dip your toe in first.



When you study with FIAFitnation, you know that you’re receiving the highest quality of fitness education to maximise your career opportunities. From a gym or floor instructor at our Certificate III entry level to a Specialised Exercise Trainer at a diploma level, FIAFitnation can assist your learning outcomes and career objectives by providing exceptional educational pathways to maximise your impact within the fitness industry.

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