What does a Nutrition Coach do?

9 December 2020 Sophie Scott
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Mix a love of food, a desire to help others with a passion to learn more about nutrition and you’ve got the three key attributes Nutrition Coaches have in common. 

The need for Nutrition Coaches is set to rise in coming years. According to Job Outlook Australia, future growth for nutrition professionals is strong. We’ve already seen an uplift in job ads for these types of roles. But what do Nutrition Coaches actually do?

Nutrition Coaches help people reach their health and wellness goals through nutrition. They are change makers and guide clients to shift their mindset, routines and habits. They analyse clients’ eating patterns and diet diaries, prescribe meal plans, help clients interpret food labels and facilitate behaviour change for long term health. Nutrition Coaches know where to find the latest nutrition research, national guidelines and studies and how to translate them into practice. 

Experts in weight management

Nutrition Coaches are also experts in weight management. They know all about the science of weight loss, behavioural solutions and popular diets such as keto, intermittent fasting, vegan, detox, and commercial weight loss programs. Evaluating these diets and explaining features to clients is all part of the day-to-day work of a Nutrition Coach.

There is no point knowing about the science of nutrition, the macro and micronutrients without also having a solid understanding of the psychology of eating – why people over or under eat and what to do about it. That’s why Nutrition Coaches are also masters of behaviour change. Daily questions faced include: What are the barriers to change? Are clients ready to put in the work? How can I instil long-lasting habit changes? 

Not only do Nutrition Coaches work one-one with clients, they can also:

  • Work in a holistic wellness centre or a gym with allied health professionals
  • Offer a meal and menu planning service to companies or individuals
  • Develop recipes for resorts and eBooks to sell online
  • Run supermarket tours to help clients identify healthy options
  • Work on a health retreat
  • Design recipe boxes/books
  • Run corporate health wellbeing programs
  • Create content for social media

Graduates of the course are showcasing their new skills in many ways. These include:

 How much can a Nutrition Coach charge for their services?

Here’s an idea of what Nutrition Coaches’ rates are. Of course, this depends on the target market, location and what packages are offered. 

Service Fee
Initial nutrition consultation (1 hr) $110 – $130
Follow up nutrition consultations (30 mins) $60 – $80
Personal Training (1 hr) If also have fitness qualifications $80-$100
Social cooking classes (2 hr) $400 (e.g. $40 pp for 10 people)
Private shopping tours (1 hr) $90
Nutrition workshop $400+ (e.g. $40 pp for 10 people)
Nutrition introduction seminars (1 per month) (30 mins) Free to advertise business

The career opportunities are endless. Graduates can advertise their services under the following titles: 

  • Nutrition Coach
  • Weight Management Consultant
  • Corporate Nutrition Consultant
  • Health and Food Coach
  • Nutrition Advisor
  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach™ (If also hold a fitness qualification)

Find out more about our fully online Nutrition Coach course to build and deepen your nutrition knowledge.

Sophie Scott

Senior Trainer/Assessor – Nutrition and Dietetics

Sophie is passionate about nutrition, fitness and behaviour change coaching. As a Registered Nutritionist, Sophie takes a wholistic approach to nutrition, focusing on people’s relationship with food, driving a shift to a healthier approach to eating.

Sophie has worked as Personal Trainer and Group Ex Instructor for many years. She has taught a range of group fitness classes from yoga and pilates to Zumba™ and bootcamp. She started teaching at a gym in Vanuatu, then moved to Wellington, New Zealand to launch her own business, fitandfed, focusing on women’s health and fitness, before moving back home to Australia.

Now the Head Trainer - Nutrition at FIAFitnation, Sophie inspires the next wave of fitness professionals and nutrition coaches.

She has extensive experience in the education field, initially working in the area of environmental education, assisting people green up their lives, before moving into the health and fitness industry. Sophie has also presented and written scripts for a number of media outlets including the Eco Reno series on Channel 7’s Sunrise program.

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