5 simple ways to turn your sandwiches into healthy lunches

09 February 2021 Sophie Scott
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Sandwiches are one of the easiest ways to get a serve of wholegrains, vegetables, protein and legumes in just a few bites.

However, ever since Atkins and keto diets rose in popularity, carbs have been copping it and the humble sandwich was one of the first items on the chopping block.

Here are five easy ways to turn your sandwiches into healthy sandwiches.

#1 Get the right bread

To get the most health benefits out of a sandwich, it’s important to choose the right bread. Grainy or rye bread or a wholemeal wrap is a must if you’re looking to incorporate some fibre and grains into your diet. Did you know wholegrains are high in B vitamins which are vital for energy? They are also a good source of other micronutrients like iron and zinc.

#2 Use an alternative to butter

While butter has long been associated with sandwiches, there are alternative spreads that can add nutrition and flavour. Making avocado the base of a sandwich is a quick and easy way to add a serve of veggies to lunch and add in some healthy fats and fibre. Hummus or nut butter is another great way to add a good dose of fibre and protein.

#3 Throw in some veggies

To turn a sandwich into a nutritious juggernaut, add a couple of serves of vegetables. Grated carrot, sliced tomato or cucumber, baby spinach or lettuce all go well between bread and contain a good helping of the vitamins and nutrients you need for a balanced diet.

#4 Add some protein

The final piece of a good sandwich is protein. Protein-rich foods which work well in a sandwich setting include boiled egg (mashed with mayonnaise or hummus), falafel, tuna, smoked salmon, ham, cheddar or creamed cheese.

#5 Try a low-cal option

If you are looking for a low-cal option, why not try a half sandwich using only one slice of bread? Otherwise, open sandwiches are easy to whip up when working from home. For something a little lighter, a wrap is a good way to minimise calories while still getting a serve of wholegrains.

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Sophie Scott

Senior Trainer/Assessor – Nutrition and Dietetics

Sophie is passionate about nutrition, fitness and behaviour change coaching. As a Registered Nutritionist, Sophie takes a wholistic approach to nutrition, focusing on people’s relationship with food, driving a shift to a healthier approach to eating.

Sophie has worked as Personal Trainer and Group Ex Instructor for many years. She has taught a range of group fitness classes from yoga and pilates to Zumba™ and bootcamp. She started teaching at a gym in Vanuatu, then moved to Wellington, New Zealand to launch her own business, fitandfed, focusing on women’s health and fitness, before moving back home to Australia.

Now the Head Trainer - Nutrition at FIAFitnation, Sophie inspires the next wave of fitness professionals and nutrition coaches.

She has extensive experience in the education field, initially working in the area of environmental education, assisting people green up their lives, before moving into the health and fitness industry. Sophie has also presented and written scripts for a number of media outlets including the Eco Reno series on Channel 7’s Sunrise program.

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