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23 October 2020 Sophie Scott
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What better time to boost your nutrition knowledge, improve your own health and set yourself up for a new career path in nutrition?

Ever wanted to understand more about nutrition, but didn’t really know where or how to start?

We have a total of thirteen online courses in nutrition including our Nutrition Coach course.

Our fully online Nutrition Coach course will allow you to make good food choices for you and your family and offer nutrition coaching services. You’ll be able to help clients change eating patterns and behaviours with confidence, backed with evidence-based advice.

Here are the top three reasons students and graduates tell us why they chose to study nutrition with us:

1. Improve your own nutrition knowledge

We often hear that students love using their new knowledge to improve their own nutrition, and help friends and family move towards a healthier future.

You probably already have a keen interest in nutrition, may like dabbling in the kitchen or might have experimented with different diets, eating regimes and foods. Studying the Nutrition Coach course provides you with the opportunity to deepen your nutrition knowledge and get access to the latest, scientifically validated information.

The 12 units you’ll cover in the course include topics such as:

  1. Nutrition for weight loss
  2. Meal and menu planning
  3. Interpreting food labels
  4. The psychology of nutrition & overeating
  5. Analysing popular diets
  6. Food choice and the environment
  7. Online nutrition coaching
  8. Eating disorders
  9. Nutrition for athletes
  10. Coaching techniques
  11. The gut microbiome
  12. Negotiating dietary change
  13. Developing a social media plan
  14. Recipe development
  15. Emerging nutrition research such as nutrigenomics

2. Build a new career in nutrition

Not only will you boost your own nutrition knowledge, studying this course will help future-proof your career. As a Nutrition Coach, you can offer one on one nutrition coaching, meal plans, group nutrition or cooking workshops, pantry clean-ups, supermarket tours, online coaching and change clients’ eating behaviour for the better.

With so many people looking for guidance when it comes to meeting their health and fitness goals, becoming qualified to provide dietary advice is a natural extension for those interested in nutrition.

The Nutrition Coach course provides you with the practical tools you need to help your clients smash their goals; analysing food diaries, writing meal plans, understanding different diets, supporting clients reach their goal weight, latest coaching techniques and the psychology of food choice and overeating.

You want your clients to get results? Nutrition is the key ingredient and happy clients become walking advertisements for you. Our Nutrition Coaches stand out and are in high demand because they’ve got the edge and know how to get client results.

3. Learn from the best

Our education team has extensive health, wellness and nutrition industry experience with access to emerging nutrition research. We only take the best – our trainers have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the industry and constantly update their own knowledge to bring the latest nutrition information to you. The team includes qualified nutritionists, exercise scientists and physiologists, professional chefs, marketing gurus and coaching experts. Our students and graduates highlight how helpful the education and support teams are. Quick response times, detailed answers and comprehensive feedback is what we’re known for. Our strong industry partnerships also open up plenty of doors for graduates.

Who is the Nutrition Coach course for?

The course is designed to cover fundamental nutritional and dietary advice for people interested a healthy lifestyle, Personal Trainers, fitness or health professionals and wellness advocates who want to deepen their nutrition knowledge and continue their professional development.

Note: You do not need to have undertaken any prior study in fitness or nutrition to enrol into this course.

Sophie Scott

Senior Trainer/Assessor – Nutrition and Dietetics

Sophie is passionate about nutrition, fitness and behaviour change coaching. As a Registered Nutritionist, Sophie takes a wholistic approach to nutrition, focusing on people’s relationship with food, driving a shift to a healthier approach to eating.

Sophie has worked as Personal Trainer and Group Ex Instructor for many years. She has taught a range of group fitness classes from yoga and pilates to Zumba™ and bootcamp. She started teaching at a gym in Vanuatu, then moved to Wellington, New Zealand to launch her own business, fitandfed, focusing on women’s health and fitness, before moving back home to Australia.

Now the Head Trainer - Nutrition at FIAFitnation, Sophie inspires the next wave of fitness professionals and nutrition coaches.

She has extensive experience in the education field, initially working in the area of environmental education, assisting people green up their lives, before moving into the health and fitness industry. Sophie has also presented and written scripts for a number of media outlets including the Eco Reno series on Channel 7’s Sunrise program.

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