Returning to fitness and nutrition study after having children

31 March 2021 FIAFitnation
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It was feeding her children that prompted Elise Brattoni to return to study, more than 12 years after finishing her original fitness qualification.

This time, she chose nutritional coaching and was determined to help people understand how nutrition plays a big role in their overall wellbeing.

“The breakthrough moment was when I had kids to feed. I was standing in a supermarket aisle, reading the ingredients on a food packet,” Elise said. “I couldn’t even pronounce half of them, and I thought, ‘what are we eating?’ These days, everything is engineered to taste good and be convenient, but it’s not necessarily good for us.”

Elise started to focus on creating more nutritious meals and noticed how well you feel when you eat well. “My energy levels improved, and I could give so much more to life. I wanted to learn more and share this knowledge with my family and my clients to help empower them.”

“When I was growing up, I believed you should know what you want to do for the rest of your life,” Elise said. “But that has never been my experience. I played the piano, guitar, saxophone, drums and vocals, so I started a music degree. At the same time, the fitness industry was taking off. I’ve always been an active person, and on a friend’s recommendation, I decided to change course and study at FIAFitnation.”

“FIA made me so enthusiastic about the industry, and because I knew the quality of their content and teachers, it was easy to return the second time,” Elise said. “I also knew I could get the course finished in a shorter time frame with FIA.”

Elise wondered how she would fit in the study as a busy mum but surprised herself. “Once I had established a routine, I just got it done,” she said. “It helped that the course is 100 per cent online. But to make things busier, I also decided to update my PT skills at the same time by doing FIA’s PT Express course. I enjoy the study because the courses are so well-structured and full of extra resources, like videos and TED Talks.”

With her nutritional coaching qualifications, Elise aims to help people make small changes to their lifestyle and diet so that they thrive. “With everything that’s happened with COVID-19, lifestyles are changing. Health and fitness are on everyone’s agenda. But, sometimes, we over-complicate things. I’d like to help people find balance in their life.”

To find out more about Elise’s story, check out our recent interview with her:



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