How studying a nutrition course online can lift your PT game

23 October 2020 FIA Fitnation
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Although highly rewarding, it’s no secret that working as a Personal Trainer doesn’t come without its challenges. For starters, it’s a competitive industry where it’s crucial to have a diverse skill set to help you stand out from the pack. It’s also important that you’re able to meet your client’s goals and produce results.

With almost 20 years of personal training experience under her belt, Beti Nicolas knows full well that diet plays a critical role in helping people transform their bodies and more importantly, their minds.

Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach™
Personal Trainer/Aqua Instructor/Fitness Instructor/Aerobics Instructor

“It makes complete sense to combine your PT workout with the right nutrition. My clients have been asking me for years to write diet programs for them,” she says. “As a professional businesswoman, I sought to back my advice with solid qualifications.”

Having a qualification in nutrition means that when you have clients coming in with a question related to their diet, you’re able to answer it with evidence-based information. You’ll be providing more than most Personal Trainers, making you better value and increasing your chances of repeat business.

“I have studied for years with FIAFitnation and I find their delivery and course content is always industry best.”

Studying online doesn’t mean that you’re alone. Our online learning platform uses the latest technology to create a rich and engaging learning experience. There you will find extensive resources, dedicated online trainers and opportunities to interact with your virtual classmates. Each of your subjects will be delivered in easy-to-handle segments, which are organised and prioritised.

“I am very busy so I love the flexibility of studying when I want to, and at the pace I require.” Instead of studying all units simultaneously, Beti targeted one module at a time to give it her full focus. She chose full-time or part-time study, depending on her priorities at the time, so she could complete her study alongside her existing commitments.

“By doing this course, I have had new and existing clients wanting to take advantage of my new diet service. I was busy before… but I’m going to be crazy busy now!”

Interested in learning more? We have thirteen online courses in nutrition, including our Nutrition Coach course, check them out on our website.



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