Fine-tuning her fitness and nutrition skills with a Nutrition Coach course

03 March 2021 FIAFitnation
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Like many mums, Nikki Auckland’s health and fitness went out the window when her children were young.

Seeking her GP’s advice, Nikki was surprised when her GP explained that she had anxiety and depression symptoms. She realised she needed to prioritise her health and fitness.

“The diagnosis was a shock. I was living life as best I could,” Nikki said. “My doctors recommended that I went back to the gym, and I started eating well. These two activities had such a profound effect on my life that I wanted to help other women with their health.”

Nikki had previously completed her personal training qualifications and worked in a gym before she had children. Her daughter was very sick as a baby, and Nikki concentrated on her child’s wellbeing, neglecting her own. After her diagnosis, Nikki re-did her qualifications and studied nutrition and dietetics to help other women navigate parenthood.

Then, three years ago, Nikki studied the equivalent of the new Nutrition Coach course at FIAFitnation. She wanted to fine-tune her skills and loved every second of it.

“FIA’s course is super convenient and good quality. If it wasn’t so flexible, I probably couldn’t have studied with my business and family commitments,” she said. “The support you get from Sophie and the team is excellent. There are lots of notes and links to amazing resources that support your education. The lectures are well-timed and easy to slot into a busy schedule.”

“My advice to other busy people is that it’s doable,” Nikki said. “If you’ve got the desire to study, you’ll make it happen. Just set yourself up with a realistic plan.”

Five years ago, Nikki established up her business, Fit Body by Nikki. Her niche is busy women, particularly mums, who struggle to find time to get fit and eat well. She offers online fitness programs, boot camps and healthy eating programs to her growing community.

“About three years ago, I took my boot camp to the local community,” Nikki said. “The women tell me that it’s made a massive difference to their lives, which is what I set out to achieve. It’s been a challenge with COVID-19, and I’ve had to re-think my business model. But I’m exploring the benefits of having online programs as a constant (rather than short-term) part of my business.”

Nikki knows how important mental health is, and she is determined to continue growing her community – online and off – to help women understand the powerful combination of nutrition and exercise. “They work hand-in-hand to keep you well.”



When you study with FIAFitnation, you know that you’re receiving the highest quality of fitness education to maximise your career opportunities. From a gym or floor instructor at our Certificate III entry level to a Specialised Exercise Trainer at a diploma level, FIAFitnation can assist your learning outcomes and career objectives by providing exceptional educational pathways to maximise your impact within the fitness industry.

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