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21 October 2020 FIAFitnation
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Although she always loved moving her body, Lauren Brouwer never thought about a fitness career. That’s until she was studying journalism, but enjoyed being at her local gym more than university.

“I looked into fitness courses in Australia, and FIAFitnation team was the most down-to-earth and informative, and not too pushy,” Lauren laughed. “I decided to do the part-time, weekend course while I worked at a café, and see what I thought. I just loved it.”

“The lecturers are amazing, and they have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. They’re very invested in what they do, and that shows in their teaching. I loved the hands-on learning and being on my feet! As a part-time student, I also had longer to absorb all the information,” Lauren said. “Back then, I didn’t picture myself in a gym, and I liked the idea of boot camp.”

After she graduated, Lauren continued working part-time at the café and started building up her own fitness career – a personal training business, Momentum Health and Fitness. Less than three months later, Lauren got a call from a fellow FIA graduate. “We’d met at a practical assessment at FIA and discovered we were both from Western Sydney. He rang to offer me a spot at the new gym he was opening. Three and a half years later, I’m still there. I run my own business, and I also run group fitness classes for Anytime Fitness at Riverstone.”

“Starting up my business from a new facility was a great experience. I already knew the local area and many of the people who signed up from my previous work. I work with good people, and I’ve got consistent and regular clients, which is so rewarding because I can see the change in them,” Lauren said. “We’re all getting stronger, fitter and, mentally, we’re doing better.”

When COVID-19 closed the gym for three months, Lauren found it tough. “Not knowing how long we’d be closed for was the scariest part. I kept reminding myself to put it in perspective, and I motivated my clients through my Facebook page, posting weekly videos, tips and quotes. I also used the shutdown to do some study in nutrition. Next, I want to train as a yoga instructor.”

Most of Lauren’s clients have returned to face-to-face training. “This week I’ve done 52 PT sessions,” she laughed. “I think people let themselves go a bit (me included) and that’s OK, but now they’re making up for it. I’m even more focused on building my tribe, and giving back to my clients the support they’ve given me.”



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