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06 May 2020 Alicia Turner
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Speaking from my own point of view and experience, I feel that these days, there is such a push in the corporate world to ensure workers create a work-life balance for themselves.

Yet, today’s work demands and the fact that the majority of us receive work emails to our phone, which is always an arm’s length away with notifications ‘on’ creates that ability, urge and opportunity to respond and work outside of our designated working hours. Doesn’t this behaviour keep us in the work zone and out of living our personal life? And is it fair to say we accept that this is world we live in?

The corporate world is recognising this and to show they are doing the best they can to look after their staff, they are investing a lot money and resources into keeping their staff happy and healthy. When you think about it, this makes sense. Happy and healthy staff do a lot for a company! They bring increased production, increased staff morale and reduced sick leave, which makes and saves the business money. This is why the corporate world is a great market for Personal Trainers to tap into.

Now, the corporate scene is not for everyone. You will be dealing with strong personalities – those who are used to being the boss and giving orders, not taking them. However, what it does bring is large numbers of potential clients, a growing clientele pool, peer support and competition from their fellow team members and clients with a stable income who can afford to invest in their health. The clientele you would expect in this environment is more centralised than a commercial setting. Typically, your clients will be between ages 25-55, with varying backgrounds of exercise experience. There is a big divide between those who are highly motivated to exercise and those who would rather frequent the local shops on their lunch break (if they take one at all).

So how do you break into the corporate world?

Start to build relationships with businesses and varying Allied Health Professionals in your area. When marketing your business, ensure the message is clear that you are a Corporate Fitness Professional. A business professional or corporate client wants to align themselves with other professionals, and will want to see an organised, confident and experienced fitness professional.

Ensure you are qualified in both group fitness and personal training. It is similar to working in a gym, expect to do the hard yards initially.

A lot of door knocking or cold calling to businesses, free consults and working your butt off to strong headed business people convincing them why they need your services will be required. Business professionals will also like to see that you have good business skills, so show professional marketing techniques in all your collateral and online branding, know your numbers and what your customer will be getting for their money and also what they can be saving by employing your services.

Be confident in public speaking and presenting as the chances are very high that you may be asked to present to a team of directors with what you can offer them.

Be motivating!

Be innovative and develop programs and small group training sessions that leave your clients coming back for more. The majority of this clientele may be motivated by external factors, so create competitions (12 week challenges, strength or speed challenges, team challenges) all with prizes that will have them focused and motivated to continue with you.

And lastly, get the results! These clients are going to want to see and feel the results, because if not, they will choose to go back to their old habits and you will have lost your chance with them.

Big market, big potential so bring a big game plan!

Alicia Turner

Senior Trainer & Assessor

Alicia holds her certificate III, IV and Diploma of Fitness, a Bachelor of Food Science and Human Nutrition and currently completing her Master’s in Public Health.

Alicia has specialised in small group training for 8 years in both a corporate and outdoor training environments. She has been a mentor to many Personal Trainers starting out and lives and breathes the health and fitness industry.


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