What is fartlek training?

23 September 2020|

For those Personal Trainers out there that have clients with goals of increasing their running endurance, consider adding farlek training to their program. Alicia Turner, FIAFitnation’s Senior Trainer & Assessor breaks it down for us.

  • Counting Macros

What are macronutrients?

16 September 2020|

Calories in versus calories out, right? So, where do macronutrients fit into this equation and is it necessary to track them in order to see results? Sophie Scott, Head Nutrition Trainer breaks it down for us.

  • Rupert Thomson

Meet the trainer: Rupert Thomson

9 September 2020|

Meet Rupert Thomspon, FIAFitnation’s Senior Trainer and Assessor at the Melbourne. We spoke with him to learn more about his career in fitness and his advice for those looking to get into the industry.

  • Vanessa Quayle

Building the blueprint for her new online fitness business

26 August 2020|

Vanessa Quayle knew she’d have to redo her fitness qualifications to work as a Personal Trainer. What she didn’t realise was that by re-qualifying at FIAFitnation, she would design an innovative online fitness business that nourishes her soul.

  • new nutrition short courses

Take a sneak peek at our seven new online nutrition courses

24 August 2020|

Discover our seven new online nutrition short courses designed for those interested in deepening their nutrition knowledge or dipping their toes in the water before embarking on further nutrition study.

  • Anthony Turri

Meet the trainer: Anthony Turri

19 August 2020|

With FIAFitnation's Program Manager, Anthony’s wealth of expertise in the fitness and massage industry, we decided it was time to delve deeper and get to know him a little further.

  • fitness australia partnership

FIAFitnation secures partnership with Fitness Australia

7 August 2020|

We’re very pleased to announce our latest industry partnership with Fitness Australia, Australia’s leading fitness association, bringing even more value to FIA students and graduates.

  • Isabelle Cornish

How to stay motivated to exercise

4 August 2020|

Struggle to stay motivated to exercise? Discover the method that can help you to consistently exercise and reach your full potential in your fitness.

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