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Should I eat before or after working out?

15 January 2021|

The short answer is that it depends. The long answer is that the type of workout you are doing and the length of time you are planning to exercise is what will ultimately define when you should eat.

  • At home workout

Try this twenty minute at-home workout

2 December 2020|

Got a spare twenty minutes? We’ve got you covered with a workout that you can do from home, with minimal equipment required!

  • Functional fitness

The benefits of functional fitness

4 November 2020|

Functional fitness is a popular term that has been utilised for some time in the fitness industry. Discover what this type of training involves and the many benefits you can expect to gain.

  • Portion control

Your guide to portion size to help manage weight

23 October 2020|

It seems most people now know what foods are good for health, but why are they still not achieving their weight loss goals? Here are some easy ways to reduce your portion size to help manage your weight.

  • Food prepping

The best food delivery services to use

23 October 2020|

Don't miss our three top picks for food delivery services to get you eating home-cooked, nutritious meals, minus the planning and leg work!

  • Mental health

Tips to improve your mental health

8 October 2020|

At FIAFitnation, we’re all about taking care of our fitness, health and nutrition in order to get the most out of every day. A big part of that is looking after our mental health and wellbeing. Discover our top tips for looking after your mental health.

  • Online study

Make online courses work for you

25 September 2020|

As little as 15 years ago, the idea of studying a fitness course online would have seemed absurd. But the development in learning technology has led to the online learning environment getting closer and closer to the classroom experience.

  • Isabelle Cornish

Goal setting with Isabelle Cornish

11 September 2020|

Isabelle Cornish, actress, blogger and FIAFitnation Personal Training student shares her personal tips on goal setting and (keeping them).

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