• Counting Macros

What are macronutrients?

16 September 2020|

Calories in versus calories out, right? So, where do macronutrients fit into this equation and is it necessary to track them in order to see results? Sophie Scott, Head Nutrition Trainer breaks it down for us.

  • new nutrition short courses

Take a sneak peek at our seven new online nutrition courses

24 August 2020|

Discover our seven new online nutrition short courses designed for those interested in deepening their nutrition knowledge or dipping their toes in the water before embarking on further nutrition study.

  • Pumpkin soup recipe

Roasted pumpkin and sweet potato soup

3 August 2020|

Try this recipe for a delicious and filling warm winter soup. Both sweet potato and pumpkin are packed with nutritional goodness.

  • Gut microbiome

5 steps to better gut health

15 July 2020|

Gut health is paramount to overall wellbeing, but what exactly does gut health mean and what is the gut microbiome? Discover 5 steps to better gut health.

  • Sophie Scott

Meet the trainer – Sophie Scott

8 May 2020|

Sophie Scott is FIAFitnation’s Head Trainer – Nutrition, who hails from Sydney’s northern beaches.

  • Assorted vegetables

3 reasons to study a Nutrition Coach course

6 April 2020|

Ever wanted to understand more about nutrition, but didn’t really know where or how to start? Here are the top three reasons students and graduates tell us why they chose to study nutrition with FIA Fitnation.

  • Portion control

7 ways to reduce portion size and manage weight

3 April 2020|

It seems most people now know what foods are good for health, but why are they still not achieving their weight loss goals? Here are some easy ways to reduce your portions and manage your weight.

  • Healthy eating

How to avoid snacking all the time when working from home

3 April 2020|

When your office is two metres from the fridge, it can be hard to stay on track. Here are some quick rules to put in place to make sure you don’t come out of COVID-19 needing a larger wardrobe.

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