• how to stay fit as a mum

7 tips for staying fit as a mum

11 May 2021|

When you have kids, finding time to exercise can be a challenge! FIAFitnation's Senior Trainer Alicia Turner shares her top seven tips for how you can squeeze exercise in while you also care for your children.

What is plant-based living?

28 April 2021|

Plant-based living is more than just the food we eat. It encompasses an entire lifestyle - from the clothes we wear to the products we buy. Head Trainer Sophie Scott explores what the misconceptions of plant-based living are and why this lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular with Australians.

  • chris-samman

Getting to where you want to be through fitness study

20 April 2021|

Having previously completed a Certificate III in Fitness elsewhere, Chris Samman found that FIAFitnation's PT Express course is what finally got him to where he wanted to be in the fitness industry.

The ‘Back to School’ approach to a healthy lifestyle

7 April 2021|

If you are the kind of person who expects to reach all your health and fitness goals in the shortest time possible, this is for you! One of our alumna explains why taking a 'back to school' approach could be the best thing for you.

Returning to fitness and nutrition study after having children

31 March 2021|

It was feeding her children that prompted Elise Brattoni to return to study, more than 12 years after finishing her original fitness qualification. This time, she chose nutritional coaching and was determined to help people understand how nutrition plays a big role in their overall wellbeing.

  • sustainable eating

How to eat more sustainably

9 March 2021|

Sustainable eating is one of the trends we expect to see continuing to rise in popularity, especially considering the influx of plant-based products appearing on supermarket shelves. We’ve outlined a few simple changes you can implement into your lifestyle that will keep you feeling good without costing the earth.

  • Nikki Auckland

Fine-tuning her fitness and nutrition skills with a Nutrition Coach course

3 March 2021|

Like many mums, Nikki Auckland’s health and fitness went out the window when her children were young. Seeking her GP's advice, Nikki was surprised when her GP explained that she had anxiety and depression symptoms. She realised she needed to prioritise her health and fitness.

  • how to read a nutrition label

How to read nutrition labels

28 January 2021|

Taste and price typically drive our food purchases. But what about the health factor? And how do we even work that out?

Should I eat before or after working out?

15 January 2021|

The short answer is that it depends. The long answer is that the type of workout you are doing and the length of time you are planning to exercise is what will ultimately define when you should eat.

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