Our history

Quality teaching and flexibility in delivery are written into our story.

Our origins lie in the not-for-profit sector as well as in education.

The Sydney based Fitness Institute Association (FIA) was established in the 1980s as the original registering body for personal trainers. By the mid-1990s FIA had moved to specialise in education, building on its reputation as the industry leader in classroom delivery.

Melbourne based Fitnation offered quality distance education in the 1990s, and built on this foundation to become market leaders in online learning.

In 2011, 45 years of combined experience in education and training were merged to create FIAFitnation.

With our rich history in fitness education, and commitment to keep up with changing industry demand, we are the future of health and fitness.

Our organisational values

Guiding each and every interaction we have with students, staff, consumers, and stakeholders;

We do not pretend. We do not have false friends or colleagues. We are warm and genuine and understand that robust discussions aim to support openness and growth.

We speak to the facts. We do not create mythology based on incorrect information. We verify the data and we act in the interests of clarity.

Student Centricity
All students are central to our existence. We work to engage and satisfy our prospective, current and past students like no other tertiary institution.

We value positivity, joy, encouragement and strive to be in the moment. We affirm our own actions, those of others and the organisation.

We teach, support, live and breathe natural medicine and wellbeing. Be the contributions large or small, we consciously find ways to contribute to an holistic approach in everything we do.

We take personal ownership of our actions. We do not blame others. When we commit - we follow through. We model the very best in ethical conduct.

This page was last updated on: Thursday 12 July 2018