We’re having a grain wave (née brain)

We’ve just had a brain wave about grains that doesn’t include fibre content and Aztec names we can’t pronounce. For some awesome grain facts we’re pretty certain you haven’t heard before read on.

  • Eating whole black poppy seeds may cause you to have a positive urine test for drugs. Poppy seeds are a relative of morphine and codeine
  • The Aztecs were the first to discover popcorn and use it as a decoration
  • Oats have the highest fat content of any grain
  • There are over 300 types of pasta and Italians consume an average of 27 kgs of pasta annually, which works out to be 9 bricks. We counted 12 but are unsure if gnocchi is pasta or potato
  • Triticale is a man-made hybrid grain. It is a cross between rye and wheat and has a higher protein biologic value than even soy beans which contains all the essential amino acids.
  • Buckwheat is not related to the wheat or grain family, but is actually a fruit and a relative of rhubarb
  • Pseudo-cereal grains are a thing. Amaranth and quinoa are not actually grains but are in fact seeds from a number of different plant species external to the Poaceae family
  • Rice is the staple grain of over 60 percent of the people of the world and 90% is produced in Asia
  • Two cups of plain popcorn equals the calories in 15 potato chips. An easy swap for calorie counters
  • Noodles must contain five to six percent egg solids

If you’ve heard of all of these, perhaps submit your resume to our teaching department. We’re currently drooling over our guest lecturer Teresa Cutter’s Banana Bread baked with chia seeds as a flour substitute. Get inspiration from the recipe making here.

Start popping nutrition facts like popcorn, enrol in our Nutrition Diploma and be someone’s source of knowledge.

Thanks to BellyBytes for the facts.

This page was last updated on: Tuesday 01 August 2017

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