Janet McMinn talks about the elusive ‘runner’s high’

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a runner, or heard runners talk about the elusive ‘runner’s high’, then look no further.

FIAFitnation fitness trainer Janet McMinn is a seasoned runner who loves nothing more than the runner’s high. Here is her story.

My runner’s high started when I was about 15. I came second place in the 3km high school athletics and I thought to myself “hey, I'm not too bad at this”. I hadn't trained and didn't even have the right running clothes for the event.

From there, I started running most days.  2-3km along my dirt road, on my own, swatting flies as I went. I ran in whatever runners Mum would buy me and in my old house clothes. Who was I trying to impress after all?

Fast forward a few years, I’ve run half marathons, 5 and 10km sprint events, and several team events. 

I now also run a PT studio with outdoor classes and a run club. We meet twice a week for a sprint session and one long distance run. I organise team running and individual events for our group to train for and participate in. 

Each event we enter offers something different, whether it's about the comradery of being amongst like-minded people, or trying for a PB. Whatever it is, the day always finishes the same - everyone is on a runner's high! It's a feeling of overwhelming excitement, achievement, success and happiness all bound in one.

My running is beginning to slow down as I enter the next stage of my life, having a baby.  I now run with the dog at a much less intense and slower pace though I still get the same feeling at the end of these runs as I did at the end of my PB runs.

I love being outdoors, listening to my footsteps, my breathing, thinking about nothing but running and of course - the runners high at the end (even if the dog is walking up the hills because I am now running for 2!).

I’m really looking forward to getting back into the hardcore sprints where I can barely breathe and can't wait until they are over, but for now, I’m enjoying the change of pace. 

If you’re thinking about starting to run but don't know where to start, just think of the 15-year-old girl without the fancy running equipment running around the school oval. She managed to turn herself into a runner and now running coach just by starting.

So just start, and have fun!

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This page was last updated on: Tuesday 01 August 2017

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