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The age-old adage ‘you learn something new every day’ definitely rings true if you are a Personal Trainer. Whether it’s developing exercises for an injured client or attending an industry expo, personal trainers are constantly expanding their craft and refining their skills.

However, did you know that this continual development not only makes business sense, but it’s also required to gain registration? That’s right budding, current and returning fitness professionals! If you want to trade as a registered Personal Trainer in Australia, you’ll need to harness your love of learning and complete a set of recognised courses*.

Are you currently trading as a registered Personal Trainer? Have you kept up with your CEC or PDP requirements? Are you ready to expand your personal development? Then check out the checklist below and discover how easy it is to keep your registration up to date!

Registration checklist

  1. Which registration body are you with?
    In order to trade as a registered Personal Trainer in Australia, you will need to adhere to certain educational requirements. Based on maintaining the most up-to-date skills, these educational requirements differ from organisation to organisation. For example, Personal Trainers who are registered with Fitness Australia are required to complete CEC courses, whereas Personal Trainers registered with Physical Activity Australia are required to complete PDP courses.
  2. How many CEC or PDP courses do you need to complete?
    Within a 2-year registration period, Personal Trainers will need to complete a varying number of courses. These courses consist of ‘points’ which need to be obtained in order for your registration to stay current and in line with industry standards. Trainers registered with Fitness Australia must complete 20 CECs, with individuals registered with Physical Activity Australia required to complete six PDP points (at least one of these points must be a health and fitness program or course).
  3. What skills/ new services would you like to provide your clients?
    Personal Trainers can complete a range of CEC & PDP courses in order to stay registered, based on their interests and/or their clients’ needs. Functional training, rehabilitation, group fitness, nutrition and personal training focused courses are available at recognised educational institutions right around Australia. To find out more about which CEC or PDP course would work best for your business and personal development; contact one of the friendly team at FIAFitnation. 

The number of credits/points assigned to a course is based on its duration, quality and the type of assessments that need to be completed. Course that have the highest CECs or PDP points are generally longer, more in-depth and require trainers to complete a skill or knowledge based test.

* From 31 March 31 2016 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) will only be awarded to people participating in formal education. Click here to find out more.

This page was last updated on: Monday 21 August 2017

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