How do your gadgets stack up?

fitness gadgets

There are endless options when it comes to fitness technology.

Most of us have heard of FitBit and other similar wearable brands, whose products can do things like monitor performance, automatically detect physical activity, track heart rate, etc. The majority of smart watches now have fitness features built in, all of which link to apps where you can track and optimise your activities for the best results. The benefits are limitless!

We’ve done a little research on fitness gadgets and it would appear they are getting smarter by the day. Check out the gadgets below for a glimpse into the exciting direction that fitness technology is heading.


The Skult Aim goes beyond mirrors and scales to measure fitness on an entirely different level.

The device contains 12 sensors, and can be placed against biceps, triceps, abs – virtually any muscle – to give you an exact body fat percentage and muscle quality.


Sportiiii displays are glass-mounted data feeds that you can attach to most glasses, and they give you feedback on your fitness performance in real time – so you can keep your eyes on the road!

Sportiiiis use colourful LEDs and audio prompts to give you information on your current heart rate, speed, rhythm, and energy output, and you can set up your own targets ahead of time via the mobile app.


The Finis Neptune is an MP3 player designed especially for swimming. Using something called ‘Bone Conduction Technology’, sound waves are sent directly into the skull, where the ear can then make sense of them in a way that other MP3 players just cannot do. Talk about added motivation for swimmers!


Pressure sensors within the Sensoria Smart Sock let you know (in real time) when your running form needs fine-tuning, and if your cadence needs altering. The data is all tracked so that you can analyse your technique and work to improve it, post-run. (They also offer smart anklets, smart sports bras, and smart t-shirts!)

Click here to download the infographic.


This page was last updated on: Thursday 19 January 2017

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