Mini Moves Accreditation Course 

Create fitness through fun with the Mini Moves package.

Qualified Instructors and Personal Trainers qualify to enrol in this course to gain accreditation as a Mini Moves Instructor.

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Are you a qualified fitness instructor or personal trainer and want to really do something about childhood obesity?

Become a Mini Moves Accredited Instructor and you'll be fully equipped to conduct a complete fitness program for kids. With Mini Moves, youll really make a difference!!

The Mini Moves Instructor Accreditation program is a nationally accredited course, supported and delivered by FIAFitnation.

The Mini Moves course includes 3 programs in 1:

  1. Mini Moves - Physical Activity & Nutrition (5 to 10 year olds)
  2. Mini Moves - Fitness Circuits (5 - 10 year olds)
  3. Kinder Moves (3 to 5 year olds)

Each of these 3 programs has between 10 - 12 fun themed, pre-choreographed sessions. The sessions have all been designed by a team of fitness professionals and include:

  • Warm up activities and ice breakers
  • Cardiovascular fitness and strength
  • Sport skills, fun games, balance activities
  • Stretching

The Mini Moves Nutrition section includes the option to add making and eating a healthy snack. There are 40 delicious and healthy recipes. Good nutrition is a vital part of overall health and fitness. Learning to make fun and healthy snacks at a young age is an excellent step to maintaining a lifetime of healthy eating.


Course Prerequisites Certificate III in Fitness
Fitness and Nutrition for Children
Blue Card
Nominal Hours 50 hours
Assessment Method Short answer questionnaire and practical assessment completed either by DVD/USB submission or on campus

Enrol online via Endeavour Short Courses